Dr. Gabriella Kiss

I am Dr. Gabriella Kiss attorney at law. I graduated in Law at University of Pécs (Hungary) and started practicing as a Junior Lawyer in 2015. After finishing my Bar Exams, I was admitted to the Bar Association of Veszprem in 2019.
My main area of practice is Criminal Law. I represent my clients throughout the criminal process for all types of criminal offences and provide full services to anyone involved in criminal proceedings: whether (s)he is a criminal defendant (suspect or accused) or a witness (aggrieved person) in the proceedings.
Feel free to contact me in case you need legal representation in a criminal case against (or involving) you in Hungary.
Besides representation in criminal proceedings, I also represent my Clients in misdemeanour cases and provide legal counselling.

I have obtained both general and legal and administrative Language Certificates in English so I can provide effective legal advise and representation for my Clients who are not speaking Hungarian.

Main practice area:

  • Criminal Law and Criminal Proceedings.

  • representation in criminal proceedings (both defendants and plaintiffs)

  • representation in drunk driving cases (DUI)

  • misdemeanour cases

Other practice areas:

  • drafting sales and donation contracts of real properties

  • incorporation of companies in Hungary

  • inheritance cases such as drafting Wills

  • legal counselling and consultation

Spoken languages:

  • English

  • Legal and Administrative Certificate in English


Dr. Gabriella Kiss attorney at law

Office address: H-8200 VESZPREM, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky str. 15., door 1.

Mobil: +36305413973

E-mail: dr.kissgabriella@outlook.com

Registered by the Bar Association of Veszprem

No. of registry: 36071820

Get an appointment with us via telephone or e-mail in case you need counselling in the above mentioned areas of practice. Our office building is placed in the centre of Veszprem, near the Town Court and the Headquarters of the Police. (Door-bell: no. 1).

Parking is also provided in the surrounding streets nearby our office building.

Easy to reach office